Odessa Flower Sack Fantasy Revenues

Below are just a few examples of what are often referred to as the Odessa flower sack revenues.  The items were not produced in 1918, as is indicated by the date stamp nor were they legitimate usage as postal or revenue stamps.  As is quickly noticed by reviewing them, the cancel date is almost always August 20, 1918 with a few dated a day later.  The source of these items is believed to be a stamp dealer in Ukraine in the 1930s who had noticed a high demand for Russian revenue stamps that had been used for postage.  He found a large supply of unused sheets of  general Russian revenue stamps and some control stamps.  He also found a legitimate Odessa canceling apparatus, but it only had date bars for 1918 and August along with the day bars for 20 and a couple of later days.  He placed the stamps on paper, sometimes with an address and sometimes without and applied the cancel. His major problem with the endeavor was a shortage of paper.  Consequently only a few of at lesast 100s and perhaps 1000s of items were produced on envelopes.  Most were produced on pieces of used flour sacks, hence the name, while others were on Red Cross cards and the like.  While the stamps were never legitimately used for postage or revenue and there are a very large number of them, they are still popular.